Covid 19 information

We would like to send you some very important information to ensure that you are aware of all the safety measures taken in Italy and to make sure that you have the holiday that you hoped for.

To guarantee that everyone can comfortably enjoy their stay in Italy in complete safety, and as a general rule, we remind you that it is still necessary to keep a minimum distance of at least 1 m. between people whenever possible, and to wear a mask whenever this distance cannot be guaranteed.

All tables in the bar and breakfast room will be placed at the correct distance from one another and will be cleaned and disinfected after use.

We know how important breakfast is for you and for this reason we  guarantee a high standard as always. The breakast is a buffet but you must follow the current regulations.

You will find sanitising hand gel in strategic spots around the hotel - please feel free to use it at all times to guarantee your safety.

The hotel swimming pool is completely safe to use, we would just like you to follow some safety rules by showering with soap before entering the pool and wearing a bathing cap. You will find that all the sunbeds in the garden and around the pool are already placed in the correct position to ensure social distancing.

Cleanliness has always been very important to us. Before your arrival your room is cleaned and disinfected following the current regulations and will be cleaned daily during your stay. Please contact reception if you do not wish your room to be cleaned at any time.

We are certain that even though you have to follow these important rules your holiday will be perfect and please remember that the hotel staff are always available to answer any queries you may have and make sure your holiday is even better than you hoped for.